VeryPink Knits


The VeryPink Knits podcast is a weekly Q&A show for knitters and crocheters. Hosted by Staci Perry, a YouTube host with more than 200,000 subscribers, the show built an audience quickly.

The podcast provides an opportunity to answer general questions often received via email and further builds the VeryPink brand. Through the Q&A listeners are often referred back to videos and patterns for purchase. The podcast has also provided another opportunity for paid sponsorships.


Sleep Happy Consulting

sleep happy.jpg

Sleep Happy Consulting works with families to help their children from birth to age 6 to sleep better. With one-on-one consultations and text support, the company's founder Jessica was looking for another way to give parents her key takeaways. Podcasts work well for her clients who are new parents up late at night for feedings or out for walks. When you can't sleep, you need a lot of reminders of the lessons she teaches and extra emotional support! Her podcast lessons for clients only are a great way to reinforce those key takeaways.