10 Reasons to Add a Podcast to Your Next Deliverable

Are any of these items important to make sure your next big project leaves a lasting impression?

Are any of these items important to make sure your next big project leaves a lasting impression?

Adding a podcast deliverable to your next report can offer a new way to engage your stakeholders. But, sometimes it takes a while to understand how exactly it would be used among teams. Here are 10 different ways and reasons to try this new approach.

(What is a podcast deliverable? It’s an audio version of your report, but produced in the style of a podcast. It’s not shared in public-facing podcast libraries, but directly to clients as you would share other reports or in a website deliverable.)

1 - The Elevator Pitch. Do busy executives often tell you, “Just give me the 5-minute run down?” A podcast version of the key findings provides that 5-minute highlight reel, but with more impact when it includes the voices of the actual research participants. And, because it’s recorded, you can be sure not to miss important key points.

2 - The Leave Behind. Are you worried that because you can’t present findings to the whole team, those absent might misinterpret or lose the important learnings if left with only a PowerPoint deck? (That is, if they actually read the report.) An audio “leave behind” ensures they get the important concepts you want them to take with them.

3 - The Viral Share. While the research and insights team might need to dig deep in the data, often other teams in the organization only need the key findings. Yet, getting them to read another email is challenging. Offer a 5-10 minute audio that ensures they get the important information, but perhaps in a more entertaining format.

4 - The Teaser. Before a team workshop to dig deep into the research, give the team a teaser in the form of a podcast report. They can listen on their commute, on the plane or on a train to prep for the work and decide which topics where they will want to learn more.

5 - The Drama. Does your written quote in a PowerPoint deliver the emotional weight of what the speaker is saying? That italicized font isn’t cutting it. An audio report illustrates those moments with pauses and sighs that you just can’t get with the written word. A video might, but you might have issues of privacy and can’t or don’t want to show faces.

6 - The Nature Break. Give your client a chance to take a step away from their desk and walk around the office or outside while listening to your findings. They’ll be more engaged with the content when it is the only thing to focus on. Moving away from their desk gives them a chance to avoid distractions and just listen.

7 - The Evergreen. In the podcast world we call a show that doesn’t have time-sensitive information as “evergreen” because it lasts. Is your report an evergreen? Podcasts are a great way of telling a story that listeners can come back to for a refresher. For example, we created 5 separate podcasts for a persona project. For creative teams that may focus on one persona at time, the ability to go back to the podcast for a refresher when they begin working on the next persona saves time and puts them right back in that frame of mind of the next persona.

8 - The Clarifier. If you have a complicated statistical analysis in your study, how do you make sure your client can understand what it all means? Interview your data scientists to allow them to explain what is important and how to interpret the findings. It will be much clearer to hear from those interpreting the data while allowing an interviewer to ask clarifying questions instead of relying on the client to understand the written analysis.

9 - The Podcast Lover - If you find out your client, their boss or the client’s client is a podcast fan, it should be a no-brainer to give them what they love.

10 - The Storyteller. You call yourself a storyteller? Tell stories. Literally.

There are many opportunities when we start digging in and exploring with podcast deliverables. What other ways can you imagine?

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