How Clients are Using Podcasts to Deliver Insights: Part 2

Bringing Personas to Life

As more clients are trying the new podcast deliverable with Nimble, we will continue to feature different approaches to spark ideas for how you can use podcasts in your next project.

(Click here to read Part 1 of this series.)

As the new year started, we wrapped up another project for Nimble MR that really put podcast deliverables to a great use for the client.

We partnered with Deep Dish Research on a persona refresh for a client who relies heavily on these profiles of their product’s end users. Many teams throughout the organization use personas for product design, marketing strategy, and sales. This project was taking existing personas and adding updated insights to give the teams a fresh perspective.

Phase 1 - Research

The project started with an online discussion over the course of 5 days. Participants provided written answers, but throughout the project we also collected photos, videos, and audio responses to use later in the final reporting. We used Civicom’s Chatterbox platform for the robust activity options that gave us flexibility for gathering many different media types.

Following the discussion board, we interviewed participants over video and phone for deeper discussion and to capture the voice of the consumer - literally.

Phase 2 - Analysis

During analysis, we organized all the media using Civicom’s new tool, Glide. Because we had 5 personas and more than 50 participants’ audio and video files to organize, Glide made the process easy. It allowed us to organize the videos and audio clips into different folders for each of the personas. Then, within the tool we could make clips of the audio we would later use in the podcasts. Next to each video or audio file was the transcription which made it easy to jump to the place in the video with the best quote we wanted to capture. (We used the machine transcription to save on cost which wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough to know where we needed to jump to in the clip. It was often entertaining what the robots translated!)

Phase 3 - Delivery

One of the goals of the project was to create a deliverable that would be new and easily shared among teams. Because there are 5 personas, we wanted to create a deliverable that would live on beyond the presentation because product development teams and marketing teams will need to focus on different personas at different times in the year.

The final deliverable was a password-protected website that is now an interactive place for the clients to work with their personas. We have a landing page introducing all of the personas, a deeper-dive for each persona, as well as key findings and universal themes.

Each persona’s page features a 10-minute podcast about the persona, a media gallery showing real photos and videos collected during the research, and key findings and quotes for that persona. You can explore an example here.

The client team was excited to have this new deliverable instead of another PowerPoint deck to file away. Being able to hear the voices of the people we interviewed really brings the persona to life.

Now the report is dynamic and multi-media and can live on beyond the presentation. If it is months between focusing on one persona to another, the team can go to the website and explore the next persona’s page and listen to the podcast to be reacquainted with the voices of the product users.