How Clients are Using Podcasts to Deliver Insights: Part 1

Clients and marketing research consultants are intrigued by Nimble’s new approach of delivering insights with podcasts; however, the concept is so new it can be difficult for some to grasp. What does it look like as a deliverable? What is the best way to put this new concept to use? 

Recently we produced two 20-minute podcasts for a very large financial services client on behalf of The Palmerston Group.  

The project included a series of one-on-one interviews used as groundwork for exploring a new business opportunity. The research findings will be presented at an executive-level planning session.

As one of the top financial services companies in the world, the end users of the research are high-end banking executives who spend an average of an hour on commuter trains into town every day in New York, London, and Toronto. The podcasts were created as pre-reads before the executive session. It’s an ideal situation for these important stakeholders to listen passively while immersing themselves in the field material without needing to spend valuable office time or getting lost in paper.  

Nothing communicates a story better than

hearing the voices of real people.

Emotion is portrayed with a frustrated sigh from one participant. We even heard some tears in a particularly intimate moment. Those sentiments translate seamlessly and more powerfully in audio than as a bullet point in a slide deck.  

Our client from the Palmerston Group explained, “Bringing our participants to life is the core of our brand, and communicating the story to those who were not there can often be the biggest challenge in the business. Market research is only as good as what can be communicated to the end clients once the agency has left the room. Working with NimbleMR has provided us with an effective new way to present consumer stories to busy corporate audiences. It’s authentic and entertaining while being polished and professional."

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