Podcasts - The Opportunity for Researchers

I’ve spent the last year thinking about podcasts in the framework of research. Initially, I was focused on the podcast as a deliverable and it remains the focus of what I think could be a revolutionary new deliverable for our industry. But, I also realized there are a lot of ways we can look at podcasts for inspiration, for learning about new research subjects, and for connecting with audiences. If you’re a podcast listener, I expect you won’t be surprised when you start thinking of podcasts in these ways.

I’ll be sharing all these deep thoughts with researchers in the coming year.

My first presentation with the Insights Association is focused on reporting. The presentation at QRCA and Quirks will dig into more ways we can put podcasts into our qualitative work. The audience at MSMR is a bit more quant-heavy, so I will speak more broadly about reporting opportunities.

Hope to see you at one of these events!