Podcasts for Marketing Insights

We offer three different podcast styles for marketing insights depending on your project scope and client need.  



For a long-term diary study, often the hardest part is engaging the client with the data during the study. Send weekly audio downloads of actual voices from your participants for easy interaction.  

Participants are often more comfortable recording audio instead of video. Offer them the option to receive their own audio diary at the end of the study as a special incentive.


Expert Interviews

Collect interviews with experts in your topic of study. We'll take the key learnings and distill them down into an episode or series. 

Or, need to explore a big-idea or a concept? We conduct interviews with experts in a variety of fields to capture a new point of view.

For example, learning about laughter? We'll talk to a neuroscientist about what happens to the brain, we'll find a comedian to talk about the process of getting a laugh, and we'll find some kids to explain which YouTube videos make them laugh.

Interviews will be delivered in a podcast mini-series. 



Deliver your report in a new intimate and engaging format. A journalistic style report will feature audio from your interviews mixed in with ambient sounds and commentary by a narrator. Deliver a memorable report instead of another PowerPoint deck.