How Does This Work? 

When delivering a podcast for marketing insights, we were challenged with delivery. Often research studies have visual stimuli, but we really wanted to avoid attaching it to a PowerPoint deck to make an even bigger file. So, we asked... 

How do we make it tangible, even more engaging, and shareable among teams?

Our solution: Each podcast can be uploaded to a password-protected webpage or website where we will add any images, charts, and the audio files. It can be a page here on our website or it's own private URL. We can also work with your internal networks, if needed. 

For longer-term studies, it becomes a dynamic and ever-changing site where your teams can check updates, look back at previous posts, and download what they need. 

First, see below for an example of a podcast delivered with an image.

The Struggle is Real: In the age of 24/7 media, how do moms manage screen time?

In March 2018, we spoke with a group of moms of tweens and teens in Austin, Texas to find out. Listen to a 7-minute highlight podcast below. 
Article referenced in this story:

Two Major Shareholders Push Apple to Study Harmful Effects of Smartphone Addiction in Children


Parental Control apps are available on the Nintendo Switch. One parent in the study switched her children to this console from the the X Box specifically for this reason.

Other parents were not aware of the option, suggesting Nintendo needs to focus on communicating this option