Why Podcasts for Marketing Research


The Podcast Advantage

Podcasts have seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Chances are you or your client are regular podcast listeners while commuting, cleaning the house or walking the dog.

What does a podcast for marketing research sound like for clients?

Consider your executive summary, but told by a reporter.

  • Your key findings are presented by a narrator as important quotes from the actual participants support your insights. 
  • Use it as "pre-work" before a presentation, giving the team an intriguing preview of what's to come in the bigger work session. 
  • Give it to creative teams, product development, or executives who don't have to read the fine print, but want the good stuff for inspiration and understanding an audience.
  • Bring the storytelling back to research. We are here to tell stories, make it worth listening to. 

Use the Benefits of podcasts to deliver insights for marketing research 

  • We listen when we're relaxed, allowing us to focus on the content and become immersed in the story. 
  • Listening allows for focusing on the emotions and the message. 
  • We can listen when we're away from our desks, so we're not distracted by email pop-ups or co-workers. 
  • We lose visual bias. No judgement of the respondents. 
  • Recording audio makes it easier on the participant. No more poorly lit home videos. 

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